With 80 to 85 percent of churches in America either plateauing or in decline, an urgent plea for discipleship, revitalization, and church planting exists.[1] To sustain the current pace of population growth, American churches would need to plant 2,900 new churches every year.[2] Only 12 percent of Americans attend church on any given Sunday with 20 percent of people leaving their church every year—this would require a visitor rate of at least 30 percent of the church’s size just to grow.

Unfortunately, 7,000 churches close their doors every year, and only 4,000 open. It is approximated that 15,000 church plants are needed each year to keep up with the population growth.

Church planting exists as one of the most effective means of following the Great Commission in multiplicative disciple-making. However, it’s not really church planting that should grab out concentration—we should be more focused on a threefold pronged approach of multiplicative disciple-making, to revitalize, plant, and grow the church, healthily.

[1] Aubrey Malphurs, Look Before You Lead, 200.
[2] David T. Olson, The American Church in Crisis, 181.

A Message From MattHEW

We believe that we have an unmatched hunger for lostness, communities, and the effectual spread of the gospel. Behind each church that we plant and every planter we train, a story exists-an incredible story about new gatherings of people, local communities changed, missionary and spiritual endeavors, and miraculous redemption stories of the hurting, suffering, addicted, and downtrodden individual. So, we fervently pray and invite you to join us in our God-gifted and obedient calling to reach the unreached.


What is New Breed?

New Breed is a training network—a comprised collective of unique and faithful church planters, dedicated to actively reaching the unreached. New Breed utilizes and trains church planters with first-century biblical principles. We’re a collaborating Holy Spirit guided, God-glorifying, and Christ-exalting collection of brothers and sisters, who dare to engage the miraculous.


How Do We Train?

Without giving away everything—although we certainly try—New Breed trains by utilizing a multi-pronged approach. First, each church planter is brought through multiple assessments, not just one. We assess to make sure that the planter is trainable. We assess to make sure that the planter is learning. We also assess to make sure that the planter is sendable. All three of these are conducted at different periods of time, throughout training. While most networks will fail a planter at the beginning of assessment—our focus is training.  Our passion is to see church planters trained to obediently follow the Great Commission, reach the lostness of their communities, and become fruitful servants of Christ.

Along with assessments, each New Breeder is given a regional coordinator to help them navigate the church planting journey. As well, every planter is connected 24–7 through a conversational and texting App. Every New Breeder is provided with missional engagement content, from our Pathwright designed format. But that’s not all, New breeders explore, examine, and grow with one another in monthly group video calls.


What New Breed Isn’t

New Breed isn’t a cookie cutter organization. We’re also not for the faint of heart—church planting is lonely, difficult, extremely discouraging (at times), and needless to say, always facing spiritual warfare. New Breed is not denominational—we work with many different denominational and non-denominational planters. New Breed is not a funding organization—we are strictly a training network—we stick to what we know and do well.


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