Dr. Matthew Fretwell’s reproducible disciple-making practicum was designed with the compulsion for reaching new converts coupled with the North American church’s failure to make disciples.

The REAPSOW training (below) contains seven apprentice-style practicums. The highly adaptable and teachable practicum utilizes cutting-edge missional engagement with first-century biblical precepts.

REAPSOW consists of two separate training phases for multiplicative disciple-making—reaping and sowing. The acronym, REAPSOW, identifies two biblically applied agricultural terms.

While REAPSOW may seem backward, considering that a farmer cultivates the soil and sows the seed prior to harvesting, the Great Commission began with disciple-makers called to make other disciple-makers.

The first four practicums consist of the word reap: (R) reaching new converts with gospel-proclamation, (E) equipping the new converts to engage the daily rhythms of Christ-centered life within the body of Christ, via the ordinances, (A)assisting newly baptized converts through mentorship, and (P) practicing the authoritative resurrected-presence of Christ.

The second phase of REAPSOW is to make reproducible disciples, concentrated upon the word sow: (S) Holy Spirit empowerment, (O) obedience-based discipleship, and (W) walking together in with-ness for the missio Dei.


Dr. Matthew Fretwell can teach this practicum to your church, church planter, or catalyst (train a leader to train others). Aspects of the REAPSOW practicum are currently described in the book Church Planting By Making Disciple-Makers. Dr. Fretwell is also a professor, teaching discipleship and church planting.